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Litterfuse won the 2012 award of high quality supplier of Dahua Technology Co., Ltd

Release time:2021-05-13 11:21:12

Littelfuse won 2012 Dahua Technology High Quality Supplier Award
Chicago, October 29, 2012 - Littelfuse (NASDAQ: LFUS), a global leader in circuit protection, announced today that it won the 2012 quality supplier award from Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. The company is a leading manufacturer in the field of security and monitoring. The award aims to recognize suppliers who provide quality product and service support to Dahua technologies.
"The quality supplier award is an important recognition given to Littelfuse by a mature leading enterprise in the security and monitoring market." Gordon hunter, President and CEO of Littelfuse, said“ The award attaches importance to the value we add to our customers, as well as the firm professional ethics and diligent contribution of our employees. Special thanks to Jonathan Zhang, regional sales manager, and his team for their efforts in establishing an important partnership with Dahua. These employees reflect our commitment to a high standard of customer service. "
"This award is a recognition of Littelfuse's unique advanced circuit protection technology." Deepak Nayar, vice president and general manager of Littelfuse electronic business division, said, "we are proud of our outstanding products and services among Dahua's nearly 500 suppliers and look forward to continuing to provide value to Dahua."
"Littelfuse provides advanced product solutions that meet our needs, as well as excellent customer support," said Fu Liquan, CEO of Dahua Technology. The company's complete line of circuit protection products is very suitable for our security and monitoring equipment, and we are pleased to recognize the excellent cooperation with Littelfuse. "
Among Dahua's 497 suppliers, 8 won the "quality supplier award" at Dahua 2012 supplier Conference on October 13.
About Dahua
Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in the field of security and monitoring. Over the past decade, Dahua Technology Company has accumulated rich experience in the research and design of advanced technology monitoring equipment. Its software and hardware are designed with flexible modularization, which can be used in different configurations, different scales of applications, and also for future expansion.
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