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Litterfuse tmov25s and tmov34s varistors won the 2012 Chicago Innovation Award

Release time:2021-05-13 11:20:05

Litterfuse tmov25s and tmov34s varistors won the 2012 Chicago Innovation Award
The new products provide innovative solutions for outdoor LED lighting and solar energy equipment
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Chicago, October 23, 2012 - Littelfuse, a global leader in circuit protection, today announced its tmov ® 25s and tmov ® 34S varistor won the 2012 Chicago Innovation Award.
The list of winners was announced at an event at the Harris theatre in Chicago on Monday, October 22, and was attended by 1000 business and civic leaders“ "Chicago Innovation Award" has entered its 11th year this year. This important award in Chicago area aims to recognize the most innovative new products or services entering the market or public service field every year.
"Littelfuse tmov25s and tmov34s thermal protection varistors are circuit protection devices that can improve the reliability and safety of a variety of commercial and consumer devices. The innovative design can prevent the damage of dangerous surge energy caused by lightning and other overvoltage phenomena. " Deepak Nayar, vice president and general manager of Littelfuse electronic business division, said, "the new tmov technology for outdoor LED lighting applications and solar equipment can optimize design, achieve safety and long-term reliability."
"The new products and services listed in the Chicago area every year are the most important economic engine driving the development of new economies." Said Thomas D. kuczmarski, who co founded the award with Chicago journalist Dan Miller“ Although the economic situation is very grim, every nominees firmly believe in the simple truth that "powerful new products will be rewarded in the market", and dare to pursue their ideals. "
"This innovation reflects Littelfuse's unique ability to attract customers, understand their requirements, and help them develop unique solutions that benefit consumers and protect their investments." Gordon hunter, chairman, President and CEO of Littelfuse“ We are committed to this commitment and continue to develop innovative and leading components to provide the best protection for equipment and ensure safety and reliability. "
Gordon hunter and nine other winners of this year's Chicago innovation awards will go to New York on February 25 to ring the opening bell of NASDAQ“ It's a way to pass on Chicago's innovative spirit to the rest of the country. " Said Luke tanen, executive director of the award. The winners will also meet with Pat Quinn, governor of Illinois, to discuss the winning product or service and ways to promote innovation in Illinois.

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