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New Littelfuse AK3 Series High-Power TVS Diodes Protect Valuable Equipment from High Energy Transien

Release time:2015-11-18 16:59:09

New Littelfuse AK3 Series High-Power TVS Diodes Protect Valuable Equipment from High Energy Transients

The AK3 high-power TVS Diodes provide superb high-level voltage surge protection for up to 3kA surge currents

2011-10-31 09:00:00


CHICAGO, Illinois, Oct. 31th, 2011–Littelfuse, Inc., today announced the addition of the AK3 Series to its expanding line of high power transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diode (AK Family) surge protection devices. The AK3 Series TVS Diodes, created for high-current bidirectional applications, have been specially designed for use in AC or DC line protection to prevent surges that can occur when large industrial equipment is switched on and off.



"This new series expands our already broad family of TVS Diodes, which offers a full selection to meet various application requirements and positions Littelfuse as the industry leader in surge protection technology," said Jeff Chin, Product Manager for Littelfuse.

These devices are specifically designed to protect valuable and crucial equipment, such as telecom infrastructure equipment, industrial transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) systems, railway trackside signaling and control cabinets, defense and avionics equipment, and power grid and distribution systems from high-energy surge events up to 3kA (tp=8/20µs).

The exclusive Littelfuse Foldbak technology, which reduces clamping voltage levels to less than the device avalanche state, allows greater level of protection. Furthermore, its sharp breakdown voltage provides a fast response to electrical line transients.

The ultra-compact design of the AK3 series means it has just one-tenth the volume of traditional passive device solutions. This simplifies circuit design configurations and reduces the space required on circuit boards, thereby greatly lowering the overall costs.

The new AK3 Series of high power TVS diodes is RoHS compliant and lead (Pb) free. It also provides the following advantages:

  • 3kA surge capability (8x20µs waveform)
  • Bi-directional
  • Capable of supporting very low clamping voltage
  • Sharp breakdown voltage (within±5% VBR
  • Fast response (less than 1µsec)
  • Low slope resistance
  • Low leakage (micro-amps)
  • Foldbak technology for superior clamping factor
  • No inherent wear-out mechanism when operated within its peak pulse current rating

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