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Brief introduction of functions and applications of KOA products in Japan

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Brief introduction of functions and applications of KOA products in Japan

Brief introduction of functions and applications of KOA products in Japan



A, resistance classification

1. Thick film resistance:

RK73 Rectangular Chip Resistor (Universal Type)

SG73/SG73S/SG73P rectangular sheet resistance (SG73S surge resistance /SG73P pulse resistance)

WK73 rectangular wide resistor (1% automobile *ECU)


2. Thin film resistance:

RN73 Rectangular Metal Film Chip Resistance (0.05% **, general type) RN73H rectangular metal film chip resistor (high temperature resistance, automobile *)

MRS Plate * * Metal Film Resistance (0.01 thermal controller, oscilloscope, meter, etc.)

SF type * precision metal film resistor (* * * type)


3. Current detection:

TLR metal sheet low resistance resistor (1% PC, automotive electronics, power converter, etc.)

TLRH sheet-like low resistance resistor (high temperature resistant type) UR73 Rectangular Low Resistance Chip Resistor (1% battery charger, PC, automobile peripheral equipment)

SR73 Rectangular low resistance chip resistor (5% PC, mobile phone, power supply, motor) Chip resistor for

TSL/SL/SLN current detection (0.5% DC/DC converter, switching power supply, AC adapter)

PSI/PSE shunt chip resistor (high current detection, non-inductive type)

PSB shunt chip resistor (high current detection, thin component)

LR72 Custom Surface Mount Milliohm Resistor (High Current Detection, Milliohm Level)


4. High voltage:

HV73 thick film patch resistor for high voltage (camera, LCD backlight, AC adapter)

RCR insulation plug-in resistance (high voltage, surge resistance, TV, CRT, power supply)

RK small coated insulated metal glaze fixed resistance (1% smaller high resistance)

GS thick film resistor with high voltage and high resistance (miniaturization, high voltage resistance and high power)

CPCN ceramic resistor (high reliability against noise and short circuit on engine ignition circuit) Ceramic resistor for

HPC to resist pulse and surge (X-ray device, electron microscope, machine tool power supply circuit)

PSN, PV, PSO, PN high-voltage power resistors (short circuit protection, surge absorption, DC voltage division, voltage equalization of diode and capacitor in series, lightning strike measurement)



5. Microwave:

SHDR chip resistor for high frequency (high-speed and large-capacity optical communication memory, microwave IC, voltage-controlled crystal oscillator)


6. Network resistance:

CN/CNB/CND/CNZ network chip resistor, concave terminal (digital push-pull circuit, limiting LED current)

CNN film network chip resistor (metal film, paired resistor for **OP Amp)

KPC Surface Mounted Thin Film Network Resistor/Capacitor (RC Integrated Array)

MRP metal film network resistor (balance resistor, thermal controller, oscilloscope, medical treatment)



7. Power resistance:

MOS  Fixed resistance of small MOS metal oxide film (smaller power resistance,)

CW insulated coating small winding resistance (flame retardant coating, small volume)

RW insulation coating * * * small power winding resistor (no induction frequency modulation band, anti-inrush, Various power supplies for metering, communication and medical treatment)

BPR angular metal plate resistor (high power, charger, switching power supply, LCD TV, air conditioner, washing machine, monitor, etc.) BGR/BWR/BSR angular winding glass core/angular winding ceramic core/angular metal oxide film resistance (water resistance; Resistant to moisture, in the power circuit) SPR special power resistance (small power resistance, flame retardant coating, pulse resistance)




Second, the sensor

1. linear resistance:

LT73/LT73V rectangular chip linear PTC resistor (LT73 is used for temperature compensation of base station and Hall element;

LT73V is used for current detection, LED, high frequency radar temperature compensation and control, vehicle)

LA73 rectangular chip thick film linear PTC resistor (mobile phone, digital camera, GPS, digital TV)

2. Platinum film resistance:

SDT73H/SDT73V rectangular sheet platinum film temperature sensor (industrial equipment; SDT73V special for automobiles; Communication, metering, temperature compensation of hybrid IC)

SDT101 platinum film temperature sensor (environment-resistant; Temperature compensation/detection of electronic scales, anemometers, thermocouples, air conditioners and automotive electronics)

SDT310 small platinum film temperature sensor (small 1kOHM;; In addition to the above applications, it can also be used for communication transceiver circuits).


3. Thermistor:

NT73 rectangular sheet thermistor (thick film NTC;; High mechanical strength; Mobile phones, LCD monitors/game consoles, digital cameras) PT72 rectangular chip PTC thermistor (small; Heating protection, reverse electricity of LCD backlight Road, air conditioning, car audio)



III. Circuit protection

1. Over-current protection:

TF chip current fuse (small, low power consumption; Over-current protection of small electronic equipment; Mobile phone, digital camera, PDA, HDD, CD-ROM)

CCP chip circuit protection element (metal electrode, quick power-off; Notebook, game machine, LED back Optical inverter, DC/DC converter)

CCF chip current fuse (ceramic body, high mechanical strength, surge resistance; Notebook power supply, LCD inverter power supply, copier, LBP, industrial machine)

SF45 chip recoverable fuse (locking abnormal current; PCB and peripheral, motor, USB lines, communication devices)

RF73 rectangular chip fuse (can be used as resistor)

WF temperature fuse built-in resistance (resistance against temperature fuse; Series connection, cement internal seal and ceramic shell)

2. Overvoltage protection:

NV73 laminated metal oxide varistor (bidirectional symmetry, absorbing positive and negative surge; handheld device Input/output terminal ESD protection, tributary motor driver, relay)

SA surge absorber (surge absorber with micro-gap discharge tube, very small, nonpolar, Stable absorption and small electrostatic capacity, used in high-frequency circuits; Measures for discharge in

CRT display tube and anti-static measures for antenna line)



IV. Inductance

1. winding inductance:

KQ empty chip inductor (2% small, high mechanical strength; High-frequency Q equipment: high-frequency circuits of terminals and base stations of mobile communication equipment)

KQC empty chip inductor (high Q value/high current type; Low DC impedance and large allowable current; Mobile high Q circuit, power amplifier)

LFC32 winding molded chip inductor (wide inductance range, high Q value, environmental resistance; Camera, Digital cameras, game consoles, mobile phones, navigation systems, disk drives)


2. Thin film inductor:

KT transponder coil, receiver (high sensitivity, Q value, vibration and shock resistance; Tire pressure detection system System, intelligent key system, anti-theft system, RF-ID)

KL73 thin film chip inductor (2% low resistance, high Q, no adjustment circuit, high self-resonance frequency, Good high frequency, thin and small)

3. Power inductance:

LPC chip inductor (high current, low DC impedance, high temperature resistance; Circuit, DC/DC converter, LED LCD TV, charger, switch)



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