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Littelfuse introduces 804 series te UMF delay subminiature fuse

Release time:2021-05-13 11:29:11

The new type of fuse series has smaller slot distance and is a substitute for 5x20 glass tube fuse
2011-06-29 09:00:00
Chicago, June 29, 2011 - Littelfuse (NASDAQ / ngs: LFUS) today announced the launch of a new 804 series te delay subminiature fuse designed to provide over-current protection for DC circuits. The new fuse series adopts te package. Its breaking capacity and inrush current protection function are the best in the industry, and the slot distance is smaller. It is an alternative product of 5x20mm glass tube fuse.
804 series fuses are compact in design and meet the requirements of universal modular fuse (UMF) IEC 60127-4 standard. Different from the tubular fuse with lead at the tail, the lead of te type fuse does not need modeling before installation, so it is easier to assemble. The slot distance of this series of fuses is only 7.5mm, which is far less than the space occupied by 5x20mm fuses, so that designers have greater flexibility in designing circuit board layout.
Although the size is very small, the 804 series fuse has excellent electrical performance and can be used to replace the 5x20mm glass tube fuse commonly used in many equipment. Under the condition of 250V AC voltage, the breaking current of 804 series fuse is as high as 150A, which can ensure the safety of fuse in high fault current. In addition, compared with the 5x20mm glass tube fuse, this series of fuse has higher burst current bearing capacity.
The rated current range of this series of fuses is very wide (from 800mA to 6.3A), and has passed UL, PSE, VDE, CQC and KC certification. The product meets ROHS standard.
As a leading enterprise in the field of fuse technology, Littelfuse can always provide a variety of over-current protection products and comprehensive solutions for any electronic equipment. With more than 80 years of experience in the production and supply of over-current protection products, Littelfuse has been committed to providing customers with professional application technology and support services to meet their various needs.

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