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NXP made a major technological breakthrough and launched the contactless card reader chip clrc663

Release time:2021-05-13 11:25:21

Shanghai, China, November 15, 2011 - NXP semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: nxpi) recently announced the launch of the industry's first new generation of high-performance proximity contactless card reader IC clrc663. Clrc663 combines the advantages of powerful multi protocol support, maximum RF output power, and breakthrough patent technology of low-power card detection to meet the market demand for higher integration, smaller shell and interoperability. It is suitable for many infrastructure applications such as banking, e-government, transportation, mobile payment, etc.
Reader infrastructure is the core technology of many identification applications. Through real-time monitoring and optimization of operation safety, transaction speed, performance and power consumption, it brings convenience and high efficiency of non-contact technology to customers and final consumers. NXP's new card reader IC supports various 13.56-MHz contactless standards, can be compatible with a variety of existing smart card and smart tag technologies including various NFC tags and Mifare products, and ensures the best system performance with billions of NXP based smart cards, electronic documents and NFC mobile phones.
The breakthrough new intelligent low-power card detection technology launched by NXP can greatly improve energy efficiency and meet the growing demand of customers for reducing power consumption. This technology enables the microcontroller of card reader terminal to enter sleep mode in the process of card polling, so as to realize energy-saving operation.
NXP has worked closely with leading enterprises in the industry to design clrc663, which is a contactless IC solution for card readers. It can help partners to introduce card readers to the market to adapt to the future development trend. Dr selva selvaratnam, chief technology officer of HID global, said: "with the help of NXP's new clrc663 contactless reader IC, our vericlass, identiclass, pivclass and iCLASS se access card readers have taken a new step. This product supports all the necessary standards, and also has the features of powerful function, excellent performance and low power consumption, which is suitable for all kinds of access control applications. "
Edmund Chang, founder and CEO of XAC, agreed: "for POS manufacturers, compliance with standards such as emvco2.01 is an essential prerequisite. With clrc663, we can easily achieve this goal without using any external devices. In addition, the POS card reader equipped with clrc663 can perfectly interoperate with NFC smart phones, providing the necessary conditions for businesses to enter the fast-growing mobile payment market. "
"Clrc663 can support all the mainstream contactless standards and NFC P2P applications, which demonstrates the unremitting pursuit and deep accumulation of NXP in the field of contactless infrastructure products," said Henri ardevol, vice president of semiconductor and general manager of security trading division of NXP. With the launch of clrc663, NXP will continue to promote the development of contactless infrastructure technology and lay a solid foundation for convenient and secure Internet applications. "
Clrc663 combines high RF performance with ultra small hvqfn33 package, which ensures large reading range and reliability, and provides guarantee for energy saving and resource saving applications. The POS and AFC applications are powered by 5V power supply, while the energy-saving battery powered applications are powered by 3V power supply. As a read / write device, clrc663 is fully compatible with ISO / IEC 14443 A & B, ISO / IEC 15693, ISO / IEC 18000-3 Mode3 and felikatm standards, and supports nfcp2p communication mode, which sets a new standard for high-performance multi protocol contactless reader IC.
The main advantages of clrc663 are as follows:
It meets all kinds of 13.56-MHz standards
It can support higher baud rate (up to 848 kbit), realize high-speed transaction, and process long APDU instructions conveniently
Support NFC forum tag type and P2P communication mode, fully support NFC
Excellent performance and stability over a wide supply voltage range
Direct connection to Sam to support secure applications
Integrated Mifare support and ISO / iec14443 end user license
Hvqfn33 package, small size
Specially designed for easy payment and e-government certification
NXP and its distribution partners can provide qualified product design support to customers all over the world, which helps shorten the integration time
As an industry leader in the field of intelligent identification market and infrastructure applications, NXP provides customers with complete system solutions for contactless and contactless card readers, including POS terminals, physical access, set-top boxes, laptops, accessories and industrial applications. The strong advantages of NXP in the field of card reader technology provide a strong guarantee for the optimal interoperability of NFC smart phones, bank cards and e-government documents equipped with NXP smart card reader IC and NFC chip.
At cards & identification (Paris, France, November 15-17, exhibition hall 4, booth 4J 035), visitors can understand enzhipu's card reader technology from a variety of demonstrations, which will show the great added value of intelligent identification solutions for family, work, commuting and leisure applications. The new clrc663 is a part of NFC smart meter demonstrator jointly built by NXP and Landis + Gyr.
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NXP semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: nxpi) provides high performance mixed signal and standard product solutions with its leading expertise in RF, analog, power management, interface, security and digital processing. These innovative products and solutions can be widely used in the fields of automobile, intelligent identification, wireless infrastructure, lighting, industry, mobile, consumption and computing. The company has business execution agencies in more than 25 countries around the world, with a turnover of US $4.4 billion in 2010. For more information about NXP, please visit the company's official website  Query.

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