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Indicator fuse box with cover!

Release time:2021-05-13 09:23:05

Chicago, Illinois, Aug. 1, 2011 - litefuse (NASDAQ / ngs: LFUS) is an indicator ® Fuse pioneer, today announced the launch of the next generation powr gard ® LF series fuse box. This compact fuse box with removable din and indication has modern design and universal mounting holes, which can be used as a simple replacement element and fuse box cover to increase safety. OEM and sample store can reduce the size of the chassis and simplify installation by using the card type DIN rail. The end user will benefit from this new local indication function and the simple and modern design of LF series fuse box.
Local indication reduces failure time
LF series fuse box provides local neon light indication. When the fuse is disconnected, it can send out the notice immediately, so that the operator can quickly find the fuse to be replaced, thus greatly reducing the fault time. To increase safety, the fuse box can be used in conjunction with the litterfuse indicator fuse, which shows a blackened window when the fuse is off.
Compact design saves panel space
Compared with the traditional fuse box, the LF series fuse box can reduce the space requirement by up to 30%. In the space where two fuses can be placed in the same competitive products, three fuses can be placed in the LF series fuse box. By using the new fuse box, OEM product designers can reduce the size of the switch case to reduce the cost, or leave more space in the panel for more functions. In either case, the compact design makes wiring and assembly easier, and makes the overall appearance more concise and refined.
Din rails and universal mounting holes make installation easier
Din rails are particularly important for sample stores and OEMs that change frequently during design and production. The card release function enables the fuse box to be easily installed on or removed on 35mm "cap" guide rails, which greatly reduces the time required to move the fuse box in the panel when changes to the specifications or system are required. In addition, each fuse box has a universal mounting hole, which can easily replace the old product with the improved new fuse box.
Category and rating
The categories of LF series fuse boxes available include UL H / K5, R and UL J. Several specific voltage and ampere values are as follows:
UL class H / K5 and R: 250 V and 600 V; 30A—600A
UL J: 600 V; 30A—600A
UL class T: 300 V and 600 V; 30A—600A
UL class G: 480 V and 600 V; The corresponding amperage is 25a-30a and 15a-20a respectively
UL CC class: 600 V; 30A—60A
Supply situation
LF series fuse box and protective cover are available from August 1, 2011. It can provide neon light indication and card unloading shrapnel two types of protection covers with separate product number, and the purchase is more flexible. Please contact litterfuse's sales representative for a quote.
About Littelfuse
Litterfuse is a leading global circuit protection enterprise, providing the industry with the widest and most cutting-edge circuit protection products and solutions product portfolio. Litterfuse products are based on industry-leading technical support, professional design and manufacturing technology, and are essential components for almost all power consumption products including portable and consumer electronics, automobiles, industrial equipment and telecommunication / data communication circuits. In addition to its global headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, Littelfuse has more than 20 sales, distribution, manufacturing and engineering divisions in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Littelfuse's technology includes fuse, GDT, PTC, protection relay and pulseguard ® ESD suppressor, sidactor ® The device, transient suppression diode array (SPA), switching thyristor, transient suppression diode and varistor etc.

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